Coona Show

On March 16th there was a festival in Coonabarabran called the Coona show. It is where lots of people come to watch animal races, go on rides and enter contests. There are so many rides that are very different like the Airmaxx 360 that spins you around and around and up and down and rotates. It was my favourite ride because my friend and I went on it twice and watched the fireworks from it. I also went on the Midnight Madness which doesn’t go upside down but does swing back and forth. I had loads of fun and excitement and wish you all back home could’ve been there.

This is me and my boot with my ribbon.
This is me and my boot with my ribbon.
This is my friend and I on the airmaxx 360.
This is my friend and me on the airmaxx 360.

I put in a boot I decorated with my friend into the show and got a ribbon. I saw a fake bull riding thing like in the cartoons. I saw my friends and classmates there and thought that was kind of cool. But overall I enjoyed myself and hope that you enjoyed reading my blog post!

5 Comments on “Coona Show

  1. Going to an Aussie show is so much fun! And it looks like you had lots of fun! I have lots of questions though. Is the show only for one day? Are there lots of exhibits? Best decorated boot?? Was there a theme? Where did you get the boot? I am so glad that you are making good friends there. I am sure that your friends here in Canada miss you! Love your posts, Carlen! Keep them coming!

  2. Sounds like a good time was had by all. You are so lucky to be able to experience so much of the local life there. The boot looks great by the way.

  3. Ms. Rutherford, the show was a Friday night and all day Saturday. The show had a bunch of sheds full of entries to lots of different competitions including plants, boots, paintings, and animals (sheep, pigs, dogs, ect.) There was no theme. Thank you for asking!

  4. Thanks for keeping the folks back home posted on some of your activities and adventures, Carlen – and for being so great at it ! We love that you’re enjoying EVERYTHING, it seems – making new friends, making awesome memories and making the most of this incredible year for you and your family ! YES !! xoxo

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