Great Ocean Highway

We drove such a long time on the Great Ocean Highway and on the way we saw LOTS of beaches. We saw waves of all sizes: big, medium, and small. Also on the drive, we saw a bunch of cockatoos. We reached our destination which was an AMAZING place called Seafarer’s Getaway that overlooks the ocean. For supper we had a sandwich and chips then went down to the beach in the thunder and lightning! We saw something in the distance and found out they were dolphins! Then we left the beach because it was raining really hard. In the morning we got up and saw a little dot in the water really far out and saw that it was a boat but then they drove away. When we checked out of the motel we went to a local market and saw some really cool signs for the Hobbit and Harry Potter. When we moved on eventually we reached the 12 Apostles and took some pictures:) for supper, we went to a place called NouriShed and I had a smoked salmon sandwich. The building was like an old history museum and a convenience store combined. In the end, we stopped at Colac for the night.

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  1. Isn’t that road amazing! It was blowing a gale when my sister and I drove it. When we got out to see the apostles we could hardly stand up. The ocean waves were amazing! How exciting to see dolphins! You are getting to see a wild kingdom of animals! Keep up the great posts. I am really enjoying them!

  2. I LOVE smoked salmon! I bet it was fresh and yummy.
    I was at your house last night. Your friend Max got his first pair of skates and was skating on a rink in your front yard. His Mom said I was evil because every time a new package of Tim Tams was opened up and would tell Max and he would grab some. He and I loved them at first bite! You have a very nice friend. It seemed really weird being at your place without you guys there, but we ended up having a good time. Max stayed up really late to see the fireworks for “Australia Day”.
    Give your Mom and Dad a hug from me please. I miss them.

  3. Great post again, Carlen of your Great Ocean Highway Holiday. No need to be sorry for the delay in your blogpost ! Mom and Dad forwarded some pictures along the way of you – at the beach, with the Apostles, in a bubble, making music, etc etc ……. so we know you’ve been just a Little Bit busy : )
    And now you’re home! As “back to school” time takes on a whole new meaning for you this year, we’ve been thinking it would be perfectly understandable if you (and Dad, too) might be feeling a few excited and nervous butterflies now and then ? If not, way to go ! If so, did mimi ever tell you about the way to calm and control them? Just use your mind, and think the butterflies into a perfect flying V formation !!! Hah ! Love you xo

  4. That road really is amazing! I remember seeing lots of koalas in the trees when me and my family drove it!

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