Penguins to Penguins

This is what Fluffy looked like. They are not as blue as this.
This is what Fluffy looked like.

On the 16th we went to the Melbourne aquarium and saw lots of neat fish, scorpions, and scarab beetles! In the end, we saw PENGUINS swimming and waddling around! It was feeding time and you could go underwater and watch the swimming ones catch their squid. You could also see the ones on land being fed by hand so the workers would stick a fish in the penguin’s mouth.

Then when we went to Philips Island to see the penguin parade where all the little penguins wait to be fed by their parents. You watch the penguins come out of the water and up and over and up the rocks and hills. Then we went up to the boardwalk and I made a new penguin friend that followed me everywhere. I named it Fluffy.

Fluffy and I would walk together and I would bend down and talk to him and support him when he needed to catch his breath. His friends would help him too; they would come up from behind and tap his back to tell him to move along. There was another penguin that was kind of overweight and flopping around. I think he was Fluffy’s friend.

After Fluffy joined a group of a few other penguins we left because if we stayed any longer I would love him even more than I already do. I miss Fluffy and if you do too, you can help save him and his friends and family by visiting and donate to help them.

14 Comments on “Penguins to Penguins

  1. What a great story Carlen! I LOVE penguins, they are so adorable! I know what you mean about spending more time around an animal and loving it more. I bet if you could have, you would have picked him up and given him a big cuddle! I really enjoyed this post! Keep ’em coming!

  2. I do love penguins so! We saw them at Sea World in Orlando Florida and Christopher and I watched them for over an hour! You are so lucky to see them in a natural habitat and walk among them. I am sure Fluffy enjoyed his time he spent with you too! Keep writing such great posts about your adventures.

  3. Wow, Carlen, it sounds like you are having a fantastic time! It is always interesting to visit another country and see what things are different and what things are the same. My family lived in Japan for 4 months, and we were surprised that they had Co-op grocery stores. They also had McDonald’s, but their kids’ toys were way cooler than ours are. Looking forward to your next post!

  4. Carlen, I am enjoying seeing the world through your eyes. Thanks for sharing! It is wonderful to have so many new life experiences and to create so many lasting memories. I am curious. The tree on the top of your blog…is it a coolabah tree like in the song Waltzing Matilda?

  5. What a perfect choice for your title, Carlen ! and knowing your tender heart for most anything that’s soft and “fluffy”, we can imagine if it was at all possible, your new friend would be coming along on your journey! Directing your readers to a place that will help Fluffy and his families is a wonderful way to remember your little guy and to show you care. Good on you.! And (hope you won’t mind….) Bless your Buttons ! xoxo

  6. Hello,

    I saw your dad’s tweet about your blog post on the Penguin Parade. My grade 3 students in Thompson (northern Manitoba) are starting to study different countries and I plan to share your blog on your adventures in Australia with them. I wanted to comment before then because I went to the Penguin Parade four summers ago when I was traveling in Australia. I think it had to be the best part of my trip other than seeing my family. It was such an amazing sight to see the penguins walking up to shore. Did you have a good view of the penguins? I wish that I had had a better view as I had a hard time seeing them coming in. I did see them closer when they walked up the board walk. Enjoy your adventures!

    Ms. Bettess
    Thompson, Manitoba

    • We were near the back but then when everyone left we went to the very bottom a got a great view! It really warms my heart that you are sharing my blog with your students! I am thrilled to hear what they think!

  7. I wish that I had of been able to sneak down after everyone left but I was on a tour and had to go. We will look at your blog later this week and will most definitely comment. If you’d like to see what we are writing about you can look at our blogs at .

  8. Hi carlen
    i dont get to check the computer that often but finally got on it today and loved the read!!sounds awesome!! we love penguins and have a few Penguin stuffys here!!! girls loved the story! enjoy and hugs to you and your parents!!

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