Into the Forbidden…

Standing near one of the gates of the Forbidden City
Standing near one of the gates of the Forbidden City

In the morning we went for breakfast and I had beans, toast, an omelet, and bacon. Then we went to Tiananmen Square and saw lots of soldiers and the Great Hall of the people and then we walked to the Forbidden City. All of the buildings were made without nails or screws. And we saw the emperor and the empresses thrones and the Imperial Garden. It had lots of funny-shaped rocks and trees.

one is holding a baby and one is holding a ball
one is holding a baby and one is holding a ball

After that we had lunch which was chicken, noodles, and salad. Then we went to a park called the Temple of Heaven and walked around and saw lots of people singing and dancing and playing Chinese checkers and STREET POKER!!!!

there are some sharks in the fish tank
there are some sharks in the fish tank

Then we went to a pearl factory to see pearls and jewelry. Then we went to the supermarket which was very crowded and bought a few things. Then we had supper and it was peeking duck. There was way too much food for us so we gave it to some other people.

After supper, we went to a Kung fu show called “legend of Kung fu” which was really good. There were some really cool parts like when one of the characters was balancing on flimsy weapons. It was a really fun day.

8 Comments on “Into the Forbidden…

  1. You seem to be having a wonderful time and having so many incredible and learning experiences! I look forward to reading all of your adventures!

  2. We REALLY enjoyed reading about your day, Carlen – what a great job ! Thank you for taking the time to share so much, and please keep it up !! Love you !

  3. What a cool day you have had! I loved the stairs in the Forbidden City..some for horses and some for people! Isn’t it fun to try all the different foods! Did you try the street poker? What was your favourite sight during your day? Loved the pictures!

  4. Thank you for commenting! No I didn’t try street poker because almost all of them were smoking which in china you can do almost anywhere. My favourite part of the day was when we went to the pearl factory. My favourite sight was when we saw a lady painting one of the buildings in the temple of heaven.

  5. I cannot believe the adventure you have begun with your parents! The sites, the food, the culture must all be so amazing. I look forward to following your blog and your amazing year long adventure. When will you be starting school? I hope you will have a little time to catch up to the time difference! Take care till next time.

  6. I heard you went to the beach today! That’s great! There likely won’t be any school buses running tomorrow because it will be -47ยบ with the windchill, so enjoy your warm weather!

  7. Great blogging Carlen! It’s good to get posts from both you and your parents – you each have different focuses and comments that help keep us in the know.

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