Sydney to Newcastle

When we first arrived in Sydney we got picked up by Mr. and Mrs. Moore and we noticed that cars drive on the left side of the road and the driving wheel is on the right side as opposed to Canada where you drive on the right side of the road and the driving wheel is on the left side of the car. Then once we got settled in we went over to Palm Beach, went shopping, and went back for dinner.

The next morning I had cereal then went to the aquarium and we saw sharks, fish, dugongs, and rays. Then when we got back I went in Mr. and Mrs. Moore’s pool and had dinner.

In the morning we went to MacDonalds for brekkie and then to the wax museum which took us a few hours to get to because we were walking then next door to the wildlife zoo and saw my first koala and kangaroo and brown snake! Then took another little walk to the train station and didn’t know what to do but got to the Sydney Harbor Front and saw the SOH (Sydney Opera House) My favourite part was when Dad and I went to the colour blow up beside the SOH. there were lots of different colour rooms and I liked to lay down and look at all of the colours around me.

It was very hot out that day and we went to a fish n chips place called City Extra and I had a BLT which was amazing! Then walked over to the wax museum and got a picture with Albert Einstein and Johnny Depp! Then went next door to the wildlife zoo and saw kangaroos, koalas, and snakes! For supper, we had Pizza Den and I had Hawaiian. We had trouble getting home because we couldn’t catch a taxi or find a phone so the manager called a taxi and he drove us home.

The next day we went to friends for a BBQ and drove to Newcastle and stayed at a hotel. Then the next day we had brunch at Goldbergs’s Coffee House which was AMAZING. When we got back to the hotel I went into the pool and dad pretended to be a dugong. Then after that, we went to the beach and there were tons of humongous waves. We had wraps for supper at the beach and I used my boogie board. It was so much fun!




5 Comments on “Sydney to Newcastle

  1. Wow! You are really having a lifetime experience! I am looking forward to continue to read about your travels…when does school start?

    • School starts in the beginning of February. I am exited but nervous because I wont know anyone but it will be interesting to see what kind of uniform I have to wear!

  2. Sounds like you are having an amazing time.
    You aren’t missing anything exciting in Canada.
    As I suspected the school buses weren’t running and several school divisions outside of Winnipeg were closed. Not sure about yours though.
    I love your posts. You write so well! You should be a travel adviser or columnist when you are older! Keep it up! And thanks for keeping us so well informed of your days!

  3. Another great write-up, Carlen! What an amazing time you are having and what great things you are seeing…and eating! I LOVE eating the food in different countries. Have you had a hamburger with “the works” yet? You probably heard that the schools were closed because it was so cold! Love reading your posts! Can’t wait to find out about Coonabarabran!

  4. So good to read you again, Carlen – you do have a great writing style ! We can almost FEEL your excitement and SEE the sights and TASTE the food ! It’s been a real treat for us to enjoy your journey through the posts of you and your mom and dad; thanks for making the time. You’ve heard about the weather back in Manitoba by now – cars all frozen up and not able to drive on either side of the road : ) and lots of brrrry people. You’d be having a Snow Day if you were still in your Canada home, and not a Beach day ! We love that you’re having such a neat and awesome experience and meeting some neat and awesome people, too. and we Love you, Honey xoxo

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