Mazes and Hot Water Beaches

We went to a town that had a maze place. It was like a big maze area where there were places you could sit down and eat. It was really cool because there was a bunch of artwork on the walls and every section would be different. They used paint, tiles, mirrors, chains, fabric, and cement. My favourite part was the rock section. There were a bunch of pillars that were grey and I tried to hide in them.
When we got to the Hot Water Beach place we went to our deluxe family villa number 2. We were surprised about how thick the bamboo forest was near the villa and the sound of the bamboo creaking sounded like metal creaking. There is an upstairs and downstairs and I have the upstairs. There is a big staircase that leads up to it. Upstairs there are two beds. Downstairs there is one bed that mom and dad sleep in and there is a TV, a kitchen with supplies, and a toilet. (Everybody in Australia and New Zealand calls washrooms “Toilets” and they have different rooms for bathing and washing hands. It feels weird saying “toilet” because it is referring to the actual thing itself rather than the whole room.)
There is a path leading to the hot water beach that is really rocky. At 2:30 when the tide is out you can go and dig a hole in the beach and get hot water that can burn you. You don’t want to get hot water that can burn you but you can get water that is hot from an underground spring heated by volcanoes. On the sign, it says the water gets to 65 degrees celsius.

3 Comments on “Mazes and Hot Water Beaches

  1. Hmmm… not sure if I could wash my hands in a “toilet”!!! Funny the different expressions people use around the world. Even in Canada. I remember when we lived in BC and my neighbour used to always say: “Let’s pack the kids to the mall” instead of “take them to the mall”. It sort of had me wondering exactly what we were going to do with our kids when we got to the mall!!!

  2. How cool to be able to dig a sort of sauna on the beach! Your rooms sound really neat I have never been that close to a bamboo forest. I think I need pictures. Enjoy the rest of New Zealand and keep posting these awesome blogs!

  3. We so enjoy reading your view on this incredible journey you’re experiencing with your family, Carlen – Thanks for making the time to share your thoughts and pictures in such an interesting and often humorous way. To echo Wendy’s words, if we may: Yes, Please….”do Enjoy the rest of New Zealand and keep posting these awesome blogs!” xo

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