Auckland, New Zealand

We went to New Zealand and landed in Aukland and stayed there for a few days. There was some pretty cool thing there like the museum and the zoo.

At the museum, there was a World War 1 and 2 exhibit, a Maori exhibit, an exhibit about the European settlers, and a volcano simulator. In the WW1 and 2 exhibit, there were some high school kids who were teamed up with the Aukland museum and used Minecraft to rebuild Gallipoli! I thought that was pretty cool because I got to go on the world and they had their own resource pack!

At the Aukland Zoo, we saw seals and otters which I thought was pretty cool. There were also giraffes, zebras, ostriches, kiwis, hippos, rhinos, and lemurs. Then when we were finished at the zoo we drove to Paihia to stay with some other exchangees and went deep-sea fishing and caught tons of red snapper but couldn’t keep them because they weren’t 30cm from nose to where the tail goes into a v. We only kept 3 fish and we almost caught a stingray. No joke. We also saw fluffy’s 3rd removed uncle on his mother’s father’s side swimming beside our boat (there really was a little blue penguin). When we got back to the hotel my dad cooked the fish and we all ate the fish.

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  2. WOW! You are having the trip of a lifetime! I love that you got to see the lands of the Hobbits! Very cool pictures!!

  3. Oh Carlen! How you made me laugh at your Fluffy’s Uncle comment! I love your Blog!
    Interesting stuff you are seeing and learning about! These will someday serve as a reminder for all the adventures you experienced in Australia.
    It’s warming up here… the snow is almost all gone (except for the really high snow banks we had). We actually got up to +14º today… woohooo!
    Looking forward to your next entry. 🙂

  4. Okay, finally saw the pictures that went with your blog! What great fun! Loved your little villa! What a brilliant country. Loved the Hobbit pics!

  5. Love love love all your blogs, Carlen and this one especially shines !! Your genealogical description of Fluffy’s relative is HIL-arious, and your captions to the wonderful pictures truly made our hearts chuckle and our faces laugh out loud : ) They were all delightful, with some of the favorites being the one sitt’n under the tree, and the one bringin in the ale and the one drinkin with your daddy , and the one with your mom and you as a Hobbit !! Genius ! So glad you had the Minecraft experience at the Auckland Museum, too. COOL, indeed. Thank you for making the time to take all your readers along on this amazing journey ! xo

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