Visit to Hobbiton

Today we went to the Hobbiton and saw the set of the Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings which was REALLY COOL! We saw the Bag End, the Shire, and got to go inside a hobbit house. The tour guide said that the hobbits were just getting up and changed so don’t go in their houses. He showed us Sam’s house, Bilbo Baggin’s house, and where different scenes were shot. The tour guide was in the movie or just the stage crew. I can’t remember. In the end, we went to the Hobbit pub called the Green Dragon Inn where I had the world’s largest scone and some ginger beer.

Interesting Fact: In The Lord Of The Rings Legolas has different colour eyes than in The Hobbit. In one he has green eyes and in the other, he has brown eyes.

See the pictures in the last post.

2 Comments on “Visit to Hobbiton

  1. You sure are one lucky boy . Being able to experince all this is just great . Thanks so much for sharing with us. Love, Grandma and Grandpa

  2. When your cousin Carter saw all the pictures of you and your family in Hobbiton his response was, “JELLY!” Apparently, this is cool kid speak for “jealous”? Again, Thank you so much your blogs and for all the great pictures in your last post. ditto what Grandma and Grandpa said, Carlen. Love xo

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