Byron Bay Weekend

Most Eastern point in AustraliaThis weekend we went to Murwillumbah but they say it like “Murlumbah” and did some traveling around to Byron Bay and Brunswick. When we first arrived we went to a Chinese restaurant and I had some lemon chicken. The next morning we had some toad in the hole for brekkie and then went to Byron Bay. There we had a beach day and went to a lighthouse to see some whales and dolphins. But it wasn’t just any old lighthouse it was at the most easterly point of Australia’s mainland! Huge TreeAfter that, we went to a humungous tree to climb before supper. Just before supper we got caught in the rain and had to bolt to the dinner place. At supper, I had pizza and played pool. There was a kid’s room but I didn’t go in it. The next day we went to the markets in Brunswick and had some raw sugarcane juice with a hint of ginger. We also had some kettle corn and mini Dutch pancakes that reminded me of Marge’s Dutch pancakes but poofier! Then we went to a druggy town (Nimbin) and they offered my dad some green cookies….. heard people talking about marijuana and saw some drunk people swearing at each other. We saw a koala on the side of the road and went through a tea tree maze. Later for supper, we had weiners and played 44home. 44home is where one person is it and they have to protect a tree and tag someone else and touch the tree.

5 Comments on “Byron Bay Weekend

  1. You are making me hungry talking about everything you ate! Now I want pizza, pancakes, wieners and ginger tea!!! That tree looks amazing! I think even I would want to try climbing it!

  2. Hi Carlen. The pictures you choose always add so much to the telling of your latest adventure – We sure do enjoy your posts! You have a great way of describing your dining experiences, too – like listening to a celebrity chef on the Food Network ! You make us See that Almost-Marges’ poofy pancake and Smell the hint of ginger ! Yumm. Thanks again, Carlen for Sharing some of your journeys : ) Love you xo

  3. Boy, Carlen, it sounds like you had a lot of fun! I wish I was there to go to all these neat places with you! Uncle Doug and Aunt Laura-Lee

  4. Loved the tree Carlen! I didn’t reply to your post because my internet wasn’t working. You’ll remember what it was like with highspeedcrow. We had rain and winds..too much for it to handle! Looks like you had rain too. You are going to come home with a little Aussie accent and all their neat words like bolt and brekkie. I love how they are creeping into your writing!

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