Siding Springs Observatory

These are pictures of when we visited the world’s largest virtual solar system. It starts at the sun represented by Australia’s largest observatory: Siding Springs. The coolest thing about it is that the distances between the planets are to scale in real life. If you’re near the observatory you should definitely go out and see the planets. It is a nice drive and you might see kangaroos, emus, and an echidna like we did. It took us a few months to see everything because they are far apart from each other.


Solar System Begins

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Lets start the journey at the Sun. This is in order.

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  1. When we first found out you and your family would be calling Coonbarabran home for a year, we googled it (naturally : ) and learned that Coona is the Astronomy Capital of Australia – And also that it is known as the Gateway to the Magnificent Warrumbungle National Park. It’s been very special to see the photos of YOU and your mom and dad talking walks and having picnics at the Warrumbungles, and now your blog lets us know you’ve visited the World’s Largest Virtual Solar System. What a way to experience the Universe ! Thanks so much for sharing, Carlen. xo

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