Occultation of Saturn

A while ago my dad and I went to a diner about Saturn. It was about Saturn because that night it was the occultation of Saturn. An occultation is when a planet (in this case Saturn) disappears behind the moon. It was super cool because we got to watch it go behind the moon through a really high-quality telescope. After we watched the moon go in front of Saturn we went inside to eat. There was chicken soup and pumpkin soup and I had the chicken soup. It was too late at night for me to see it come out because I was already asleep. But a few days later I went to Donna’s shop who set up the supper and tried to look at the sun but it was too cloudy that day. I was her little assistant who lined up all of the telescopes after an adult would mess it up. I had so much fun. Visit Donna’s website.

2 Comments on “Occultation of Saturn

  1. Thank you, Carlen for teaching me something new today! I didn’t know what a occultation was! You are having the most amazing adventures! Thank you for sharing! And you got the opportunity to line up telescopes, actually cleaning up after messy adults! What fun! Keep the posts coming! I really enjoy them!! (You can probably tell because of all the !!!!! after my sentences.)

  2. Oh Carlen you are teaching us from afar about the starry night and all its spectacular wonders. And it’s not surprising that you would be Donnas’ trusted assistant ! What an Astronomical Experience with the Universe you are having – and sharing ! Thank you ! Donnas’ site shows an awesome aerial view of Observatories and Telescopes – Would that be Siding Spring Mountain? Wherever it is, Wow ! And yes, please ! Keep the posts coming ! xo

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