Cool Things Everywhere

We arrived home and it was SO COOL! There was an Xbox with tons of games and a Wii with even more games! Best of all there was a HUGE TV with speakers everywhere around the room! At home, there are palm trees in the backyard and mountains EVERYWHERE!!!! We went to the Siding Springs Observatory and saw some really cool stuff like when we left we saw some wallaroos. Interesting fact: In Australia all of the YouTube commercials are Australian! We are heading off on an adventure to Canberra and Melbourne!


5 Comments on “Cool Things Everywhere

  1. So we will need to see pictures of your cool back yard. You are having such incredible adventures and you haven’t even been away a month!
    Canberra is an amazing place. It is a planned city! You will drive through the Snowy mountains and see Australia’s highest mountain – Mt. Kosciusko. The snow gums are a beautiful tree in the national park there. Have a wonderful time exploring and don’t forget to see the fairy penguins outside of Melbourne.

  2. It sounds as if you are having a really good time and enjoying all your new experiences. I will let you in on another interesting fact…….in England all the YouTube advertising is English adverts! Next I hope photos of your new home!

  3. Great to hear from you again, Carlen Thank you ! Love the way you write – you make your adventures come alive for your readers ! We’re glad too that you’re having so many COOL adventures, because we see that you’ve been experiencing some XTREME HEAT, too ! Stay Cool ! Love you xo

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