Mid Year Break in Cairns, Queensland

Today we went to the Great Barrier Reef and saw so many cool things like Nemo, Dory, Giant clams, and so many different types of coral-like mushroom coral and boulder coral. We saw lots of fish I never knew about like, rabbitfish, butterflyfish, and zebrafish. We were all stunned by how warm the water was.
The first night there were some complications in our bookings and we got overbooked. So we got refunded and stayed somewhere else. Our second place was amazing and the staff LOVED me. The breakfast was good but not very exciting and it was a lovely little town. We went to the zoo in Cairns and I did an obstacle course on a zip line thing. The last time, I did a zipline over a crocodile but got stuck over it unable to do anything while it had its mouth opened. Eventually, a worker came and helped me. At the zoo one of the ladies working there let me hold a blue-tongued lizard and it licked me. We had so much fun and I didn’t want to leave!

When we left we stopped in Sydney for a few days and went to the Powerhouse Museum and they had an exhibition about games called Game Masters. They had so many different types of games from arcade games to Wii games. It was SO MUCH FUN! Dad got the top 7 high scores on Robotron. The next day we went to the aquarium and the wax museum where I met the Beatles on Abbey Road, high-fived a Chinese president, and flew a guy’s plane! I have had a great mid-year!

3 Comments on “Mid Year Break in Cairns, Queensland

  1. Great updates about your trips to Thailand and The Great Barrier Reef. You are very lucky to experince so many new things. Looking forward to having you back soon. Love, Grandma and Grandpa

  2. W.O.W !!!!! Pretty hard to top meeting the Beatles on Abbey Road, high-fiving a Chinese President and flying a guys’ plane ! AND being licked by a blue-tongued lizard! Great pictures, too Carlen. Please don’t bring one home….
    You’ve had so many amazing experiences this year as an exchange family in Australia, and you will all be bringing home so many wonderful stories and food ideas and music and memories to share!
    We’re all starting to count the sleeps now !!!! xo

  3. Great pics of you and the lizard. I love Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef! You are right the water is like a bathtub and so clear! Thanks again for sharing your adventures! Your writing is wonderful!

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