Soccer on Saturdays

Soccer at the ParkI just started Soccer on Saturdays and I am really enjoying it. It is nice to see my friends and just play. We do 90 minutes of practice and 30 minutes of game. Some of the things we do in soccer are hard like now we just learned a new type of dribbling that uses the the front of your foot, and we have to shoot from a quarter of a field away from the net! I am enjoying it though. I just bought some soccer shoes and shirt to remember my experiences in the Land Down Under.

4 Comments on “Soccer on Saturdays

  1. Soccer, (football) is a passion in England and most children follow a team and have their team`s kit. After England being eliminated from the World Cup after the second round, I wonder if some may decide to follow another sport!

  2. Soccer! What a wonderful way to spend your Saturdays! You will be able to carry it on once you get home and teach your friends all your cool moves!

  3. Carlen

    Keegan and his soccer team played in the Slurpee Cup Tournament this weekend in Winnipeg. They didn’t do very well. 🙁
    I hope you have fun playing soccer.

    Uncle Doug and Aunt Laura-Lee

  4. Carlen, Your blogs always make us interested in learning more about your topic. and Sporteology tells us that Soccer is the WORLDS’ most popular ball game, played in every corner of the planet. And now here you are – or rather THERE you are enjoying your own soccer experience with your friends in the Land Down Under! WUnder-ful ! We imagine you’re also enjoying catching some of the FIFA World Cup on the telly; just one request from the grands, if you don’t mind – puleeze do not add the Flying Dutchmans’ header to any of your new moves !! : ) xo

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