Minecraft Encouragement

Minecraft is really encouraging for all ages and even schools have Minecraft.  It is helpful for subjects in school like math, social studies.  In social studies, it can help you imagine seeing what famous structures in the places you are learning about look like, for instance, the pyramids in Egypt or the Eifel Tower in France.  The math part about it is that you can measure.  You can also just play, but if you need to you can plan stuff like car floats and stuff like that.   It is really amazing that it is an endless world of squares and if you want you can have villages with villagers.  There are 3 settings; they are peaceful, normal, and hard.  On normal and hard there are monsters.  The monsters are; zombies, enderman, spiders, and creepers.  Never go to the nether or you will die if you aren’t on peaceful.  Also, you can have creative mode, hard-core mode, or survival mode.  It is so amazing and you have to get it because I LOVE it.

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